St Augustine: Art Nouveau Movement

Art Nouveau Movement


The Art Nouveau Movement is credited mostly to the glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany. Art Nouveau is known as an international style of art, architecture, and design that became widely popular at the turn of the 20th century. The Art Nouveau movement was very broad and influenced not only art and architecture, but design elements began being incorporated into silverware and jewelry.

The Ponce De Leon Hotel, which is now a part of Flagler College in St. Augustine Florida, displays the style of the Art Nouveau Movement very well. Louis Comfort Tiffany was commissioned by Henry Flagler of St. Augustine to design the stained glass windows for the famous hotel. He began the Tiffany Glass Company in 1885 which featured his unique style of stained glass and is still the most notable style of stained glass windows today. One of the most popular showings of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s style that began the Art Nouveau Movement is found in the Flagler College dining room located in St. Augustine Florida.

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