St Augustine: The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth Archeological Park

The Fountain of Youth Archeological Park is one of St. Augustine’s most famous attractions and is known as the first historical site in North America. Stay in our Bed and Breakfast in St. Augustine and you can enjoy the day visiting this famous spot! The park sits on the location believed to have been the place where Ponce de Leon first came ashore on North American land in 1513. Many believe that Ponce de Leon went on his exploration in hopes of finding a fountain described in stories he had heard the people of Bimini speaking of. Today, the park is home to the “Fountain of Youth” and several other historical places of interest. Visitors to this St. Augustine attraction can tour many exhibits and check out the archeological artifacts that pay tribute to the explorers and Timcucuan Indians who lived in the region.


At the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park, you can tour the Spring House which is made of natural materials and protects the famous fountain, as well as the historical cross that was believed to have been placed by Ponce de Leon himself to mark the site of his famous landing. Made of coquina stones, the cross, known as the Landmark Cross, sits in the exact location it was found, and the surrounding Spring House was built around the location. Nearby to the cross sits the Salt Cellar, which is an exact replication of a salt cellar that was discovered in 1904 at this historic site. The original cellar was found buried near the cross. When it was unearthed a letter on parchment paper was found describing the events of Ponce de Leon’s landing and placing of the landmark cross at the site. The cellar is believed to be a gift that Christopher Columbus gave to Ponce de Leon to celebrate their monumental 1493 voyage across the Atlantic.

The fountain and other famous historic sites are not the only exhibits to enjoy at the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park in St. Augustine. The park also has a planetarium attraction which regularly shows short films. Benches and picnic tables are located throughout the park and there is also a gift shop to purchase gifts and other collectables.

When you spend the day at St. Augustine’s Fountain of Youth Archeological Park you can tour the natural spring and learn more about St. Augustine’s and our nation’s vast history. Our cozy St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast, the Inn on Charlotte, is just a short distance from these and other fun St. Augustine attractions and areas of interest. Stay with us on your next St. Augustine vacation, book your room today!

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