St Augustine: The Lost Treasure of Saint Augustine

The Lost Treasure of Saint Augustine


Ever heard about the Lost Treasure of Saint Augustine? Florida’s eastern shoreline, known as Florida’s First Coast, was the first region that the Spanish explorers and later pirates encountered on their way to the new world. Many of the ships that sailed around Matanzas Bay and the Old City of St Augustine throughout the centuries were filled with priceless treasures including chests of gold, extravagant ancient jewelry and other antiquities. Due to a variety of different circumstances, i.e. pirates and war (during the Colonial period of St Augustine, the city was under the rule of several European countries), and hurricanes (Florida’s coastline is notoriously plagued by hurricanes and sea storms) several “treasure chests” were lost and never recovered. Learn more about the Lost Treasure of Saint Augustine and Florida Treasure Hunting out and about in the Old City. You never know - you might get lucky!

While some go in search of buried treasure and Lost Treasure of Saint Augustine using a metal detector and a whole lot of patience, others read about the history of the area and pay close attention to details that might enable them to better find the Lost Treasure of Saint Augustine. There are even Tours of St Augustine Florida that will pinpoint specific places where you might have more of a chance of finding Lost Treasure of St Augustine. The Pirates and Treasures Tour St Augustine is also a great way to learn fun facts about the pirates that plagued St Augustine’s coastline for centuries. Learn more about Florida Treasure Hunting tours in St Augustine in our Tours of St Augustine Florida information; Gold Coast Tour Company hosts the Pirates and Treasures Tour.

Are you skeptical about finding the Lost Treasure of Saint Augustine while visiting the Old City? Surely the people that found treasure chests like the ancient chest that was found containing $25,000 in old Mexican Gold coins, and another chest containing $70,000 in silver coins did not believe that they would happen upon such ancient finds either. Millions of dollars have already been unearthed and recovered from the Spanish Galleons that sank off the coast of Florida, and other small, rare pieces are found each day on the sandy St Augustine Beaches. Read more about St Augustine Beach Florida in our information on the Beaches of St Augustine.

Are you in search of places to stay in St. Augustine Florida? The Inn on Charlotte Street is a wonderful St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast located right on the historic streets of the Old City near some of the oldest buildings in the city. You can enjoy the finest in St. Augustine Lodging and lots of amenities when you book a room at the Inn on Charlotte Street St. Augustine Bed & Breakfast. Interested in Deals on Trips to St Augustine? The Inn on Charlotte has numerous specials, discounts and other Deals on Trips to St Augustine that will help you plan the perfect getaway for your loved one. Learn more about St Augustine Florida and read about St Augustine Golf Trips and other Florida Golf Vacations to the Old City. We are located right in the middle of all of the popular St Augustine Attractions.

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