Activities: Shipwreck St Augustine Tours

Shipwreck St Augustine Tours

The pristine waters of the Matanzas Bay and Atlantic Ocean that surround the Old City are filled with unique treasures; explore one of the most fascinating parts of the Old City’s history and enjoy a tour of some of the St Augustine Florida Shipwrecks. The coastal waters located directly offshore of St Augustine Florida are in a protected, state designated archaeological preserve and currently efforts are underway to preserve and discover all of the shipwreck sites found in this region of the state’s coastline. Many sailing Tours of St Augustine Florida offer Tours of the St Augustine Florida Shipwrecks and provide fun, educational and historical information about the city.

It is widely known that Florida’s coastline is dotted with shipwrecks that date back to the 16th century, and Jacksonville, a city found just north of St Augustine Florida, is a place where 9 have been found! In 1995 researchers and archaeologists began the state’s first underwater wreck survey in St Augustine and found 55 sites that they would like to uncover and explore. During exploration, dive teams uncovered a well preserved steamship that is believed to have sunk between 1850 and 1870. Since this project began, scientists have discovered many unique artifacts; these are ancient relics from St Augustine’s past and are now housed in various museums across the state. A separate organization, the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP) seeks to investigate and preserve the Florida Shipwrecks that are found off the coast of St Augustine Florida. LAMP divers have uncovered numerous 17th, 18th, and 19th century Florida Shipwrecks.

The St Augustine Tours that offer shipwreck excursions typically last about 3 to 4 hours. Aboard the Schooner Momentum, a vintage 1833 designed Pilot Schooner that has been fully restored to its original glory, you can watch scientists and archaeologists use their skills to navigate the existing shipwrecks and look for new ones, and you can view the side-scan sonar that they use frequently to find new spots. Learn more about the Old City’s unique history and enjoy a St Augustine Tour of the nearby Florida Shipwrecks. A few of the other Florida Shipwrecks have even been marked as underwater landmarks, and these are sites that scuba divers flock to. None of the St Augustine Florida Shipwrecks, however, are marked. Enjoy the views of the Matanzas Inlet and the coastal waters that surround Anastasia Island Florida and spend the day on a St Augustine Tour of the area’s many shipwrecks. Just one of many fun Things to Do in St Augustine FL, these tours cover a different type of history in the area.

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