St Augustine: St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse


The St. Augustine Lighthouse was originally built on the north end of Anastasia Island within the limits of St. Augustine Florida in 1824. The St. Augustine Lighthouse was the first Florida lighthouse, and Joseph Adreu served as its first light keeper. In 1859 Andreu fell to his death while trying to whitewash the lighthouse. His wife, Maria Mestra de los Dolores-Andreu was then appointed to light keeper, becoming the first woman light keeper of the Light Station at St. Augustine, or any lighthouse for that matter.

In 1861 the St. Augustine Lighthouse was ordered to be dismantled, as the Civil War was taking place at this time. At the end of the war a decision was made to repair the lighthouse and allow it to operate once again. During this period, erosion threatened the structure and by 1871 plans for a construction of a new lighthouse were already underway. The new St. Augustine Lighthouse was built just 600 yards away from the original tower, and construction was completed in 1874. Today it is a very popular St. Augustine attraction and is one of the tallest lighthouses in the nation.

Maria Andreu was a prominent figure in St. Augustine’s history and is known for her historical title as the first woman light keeper. Our lovely St. Augustine FL Bed and Breakfast dedicated a room to Maria Andreu, and Maria Andreu’s haven is a spacious and welcoming room available for lodging.

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