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Surfing in Florida

St Augustine FL Beach is one of the most scenic beaches in Northern Florida, and it is a place you will more than likely want to spend time while staying at the Inn on Charlotte, historic St Augustine FL Bed and Breakfast. Not only can you enjoy the usual St Augustine FL Beach activities like sunbathing, swimming in the Atlantic, jogging on the beach, Frisbee, and picnicking, but St Augustine Fla. is also a very popular spot to enjoy Surfing in Florida. Many who visit the Old City enjoy trying Surfing in Florida for the first time. If you are planning a Florida Beach Vacation to St Augustine Fla, then plan to stay at the Inn on Charlotte; a historic St Augustine FL Bed and Breakfast.

As one of the most popular North Florida Surfing Spots, the Old City has several great Florida Surfing Beaches including Vilano Beach, St Augustine Beach, and the St Augustine Beaches that dot the coastline all the way down to Flagler Pier, near Flagler Beach. If you plan to enjoy the Surfing in Florida during the hottest time of the year, May through July, you can expect the Surfing in Florida conditions around St Augustine Fla. to be a bit flat. However, if you really work at it, you might be able to catch some great waves with a longboard. Fall is the best time of year to enjoy the Surfing in Florida at St Augustine Fla. August and September typically see the highest swells; however, there have been many seasons when the Surfing in Florida is in high gear all the way into October. The cold temperatures of winter generally keep most amateurs out of the water. However, if you are brave enough and prepared for the low water temperatures, you might be able to catch some truly phenomenal waves during this time.

Because St Augustine Fla is one of the popular North Florida Surfing Spots, it is filled with St Augustine Surf Shops. Near all of the beaches and infamous North Florida Surfing Spots in St Augustine Fla, you will find great shops to buy gear, boards, and stock up on supplies. Many of these St Augustine Surf Shops also provide lessons and helpful advice for beginners to Surfing in Florida. Below we have listed some of the better known St Augustine Surf Shops; all of these are near the Inn on Charlotte, St Augustine FL Bed and Breakfast. If you're interested in a Florida Beach Getaway to St Augustine Fla, stay at the Inn on Charlotte, near all of your favorite St Augustine FL Attractions and fun Things to Do in St Augustine. Browse our site to learn more about some of the most popular things to do in the Old City.

Surf Shops at St Augustine Beach
Vilano Surf Hut
120 Vilano Rd.
St Augustine FL

Black Pearl Creations
1730 Tree Blvd #5
St Augustine, FL

Surf Culture
136 Saint George
St Augustine, FL

Blue Sky Surf Shop
517 Anastasia Blvd.
St Augustine, FL

The Surf Station
1020 Anastasia Blvd.
St Augustine, FL

Aqua East Surf Shop
1950 State Road 312
St Augustine, FL

Surf Station 2
6880 A1A South
St Augustine, FL

Pit Surf Shop
18 A Street
St Augustine, FL

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