New Love in the Old City.

While the Inn on Charlotte does not 'do' weddings, and we are far too small for a party venue, we are the perfect location for the honeymooning couple, or for special family members that need a special place to spend the night while in town for the big day. We offer whole-house bookings with an additional 10% surcharge (per room/ per night) for housekeeping gratuity. But as a reminder, the Inn on Charlotte does not do weddings, and we can not host any parties, or host any other 'special events'. We only offer a bed and breakfast to registered guests and as such, we strictly enforce a quiet-time after 11:00 pm.

But fear not; St Augustine offers a wide variety of wedding and party locations and experiences to make any wedding an unforgettable event. St Augustine is one of the most popular wedding locations on Florida’s east cost. Whether on budget or all the bells and whistles; be it an historic theme, or modern; St Augustine will deliver for your memorable day. As well as, there are several people who we can recommend for a simple elopement or a major wedding event. Whichever size wedding you want, St Augustine is the perfect place for your special day.

  • Your decision to have a simple St. Augustine wedding ceremony or elopement is a fabulous one, one that does not mean your moment will be any less than the girls who choose to have the “all that” wedding. Yours too will be “all that,” and all you’ll be missing is a big audience and a big bill. Regardless of your wedding budget, your Simple St. Augustine elopement or small wedding will be exactly what you have in mind!
  • For either an intimate elopement for two in a special St Augustine garden park, or friends & family wedding on the beach, we are proud to recommend Rae Hughes (floridaseasideweddings@gmail.com) a Florida licensed ceremonial officiate.
  • If you want to customize your ceremony with your own music, by writing your own vows, or have a family member read a favorite passage, Rae will be happy to accommodate you. Or you can choose from one of her several tender and touching vows.
  • Ms. Hughes delights in creating a memorable event, by performing a unique ‘Sand-ceremony’ that creates a meaningful, and lasting, keepsake, as well as a hand-crafted wedding certificate written in Victorian calligraphy, what more, she attends to every need of a couple getting married out of town.
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  • For more substantial wedding needs, we recommend talking to one of our sister Inns at the Inns of Elegance at http://innofelegance.com/
  • And if you need more, go to www.theweddingauthority.com …for ‘all things wedding’ in St Augustine.

Other Wedding Resources:

  • For the traditional types, we can highly recommend the exquisite La Pentola Restaurant as the venue for your beautiful wedding dinner. Located just three doors south from The Inn on Charlotte, owners will be pleased to assist you with your menu selections.
  • For something more hip and contemporary might we suggest, Spy Restaurant. Located around the corner from The Inn on Charlotte, they have a great private upstairs room that would be perfectly unique, just like you.
  • For a family-friendly environment we suggest Meehan’s on the Matanzas. Located across the street from The Inn on Charlotte, they too have a great upstairs area that would be perfect for small to large groups.

If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, email us, or call us at 904-829-3819.