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Diamond Lil's

Diamond Lil's Queen room features a travertine bathroom with a huge spa-shower and large vanity, cable TV (*Closed Caption does not work on TV), sleep machine/clock radio. It's a comfortable quiet retreat you'll want to return to again and again.
This room rate includes off-site parking, less than 300 feet from the Inn, download the map/permit from emails we send via email.
Sq/Ft: Room: 150 Bath: 60
What guests say: "Diamond [Lil] at the Inn on Charlotte is the best value for the money in all of St Augustine." AND "Book well in advance; The Inn on Charlotte is becoming far too popular to wait until the last minute to book." 

Diamond Lil's
Diamond Lil's
Diamond Lil's

Louella Day McConnell – Diamond Lil – A Flamboyant American Woman

Louella Day McConnell, a woman with many names, personalities and more than an ounce of guile, made her mark on St. Augustine from her arrival in 1900 until long after her generation passed on. She left an indelible imprint in St. Augustine, most notably with the ‘Fountain of Youth’ and the glistening little diamond embedded in her front tooth. Many folks thought she wasn’t in her right mind, as the saga of her life unfolded; however, she managed to carry her name into perpetuity sane or not!

With a little ‘Barnum & Bailey’ boldness, she was a single woman in her mid-twenties when she was attracted to the Klondike during the gold-rush fever that descended on the U.S. in 1897. She was known for her adventurous spirit and boundless imagination and the amazing fact that she practiced medicine in Canada (perhaps without studying medicine…but nobody really knows the truth)! She married a steamboat owner a year later, -tall red-haired Edward McConnell – leaving the frigid north for the sizzlin’ south. From the huge rings on her fingers and the glistening diamond in her tooth, she turned heads in town…from dinners at the lavish Hotel Ponce de Leon to daily appearances in the local society columns.

The house they purchased just north of town had a ‘flowing well surrounded by a square coquina wall on four sides’. Disappearing and reappearing from St. Augustine numerous times (probably to the delight of gossipers), myth and legend has the McConnell’s losing their fortunes AND the diamonds by the 1920’s. She was resourceful though; it was then she began selling water from the alleged ‘fountain of youth’ for ten cents a glass, along with charging admission to the newly labeled park grounds.

Rumors and stories abound from friends and enemies, Social commentators of the time earmarked the McConnell’s as a’ wealthy couple arriving from the Klondike’…eccentricities ad all. Louella (also known as Lyonella, Lyonell Day, even Lynonella Murat Day – a name she claimed as a member of the Napoleon Bonaparte family) felt that she could do anything, some admired her spunk but not everyone thought kindly of her. In a speech given to the St Augustine Tourist Club in 1909, Luella said:

I have not got insanity
I have not got hysteria
And I have not got any Ladylike Complications!

We dedicate this suite to Diamond Lil and the myth that entices visitors to the Nation’s Oldest City. She left her mark on the world!

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